Do You Still Have DAD STRENGTH?

Remember back when you were a little kid and your father always looked like this physically imposing, towering figure of a man?  You had this perception of your dad as a super-human figure who could pick you up over his head and put you on his strong shoulders to be able to see the world.  Standing on the shoulders of giants, indeed.

How about when you and a friend would get into a little scuffle at the playground and one of you, almost without fail, would whip out the classic taunt – “well, my Dad can beat up your Dad!”  The both of you had this firm, unshakable faith in each of your fathers’ ability to protect, defend, and keep you safe from any and all harm, including fighting other kid’s dads for dominion over the playground.

This image of your dad’s strength and physical potency continued unabated for most of your childhood, right?

But then what happened?  We grew up.  Got taller.  Got stronger.  Matured.  And gradually began to see that Dad, while still the man you learn from, look up to, and turn to for help in times of need, is just a normal human being (albeit, an exceptional one at that – hi Dad!).

What if, as your children grow, mature, and get stronger, moving from children to teens to adults, their perception of your Dad Strength never faded?  What if their amazement at your physical capabilities never waned?  What ifyou were able to not only maintain (since we are either moving forwards or backwards, but are never really static) but increase strength, power, and ability, as you age?  What if you could be not only fitter, stronger, and healthier, but better?

With Dad Strength you will:

  • Build lean muscle and torch fat
  • Optimize testosterone.
  • Move with power, coordination, and grace.
  • Never allow middle age to expand your middle.
  • Attack weakness and lack of energy
  • Reduce or alleviate low back pain
  • Reduce strain and increase healthy stress
  • Move with dignity and purpose
  • Regain and surpass the physique and strength you had as a high school athlete

Get strong.  Stay strong.  Do not go gently into that good night!

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